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2018 YAC Majors Rules


  1. 50/70 Pitching Rubber to Plate / Base Paths
  1. USA stamped Big barrel bats allowed as standard recently changed
  1. Roster Batting. Teams will bat all players present on their roster
  1. No metal spikes
  1. No balks just instruction
  1. 4 steals an inning
  1. You cannot steal home.
  1. Two step leads from all bases
  1. No delayed steals.
  1. In Field Fly Rule is in effect.
  1. No advance on over throws on steals. Advance permitted on over throws on batted balls.
  1. No pinch runners (unless player is hurt - hit by pitch or catcher reaches base)
  1. 3 outfielders.
  1. Kids should not be stuck in the outfield. Just good sense stuff.
  1. 5 run rule or 3 outs. The inning ends on conclusion of the play that includes the 5th Run. If additional runs legitimately score over 5 they will count until the play is completed. Common sense application. This does not apply to the last inning.
  1. 8th graders can pitch only one inning
  1. Travel players can pitch only 25 pitches. (Finish pitching to batter if max is reached during at bat) Having travel players pitch on a limited basis last season really helped the quality of the games.
  1. 10 run mercy rule after 4 innings.
  1. Umps will be adults.
  1. 4 Teams with the most regular season wins can advance in the play offs. (Tie Breakers: 1. Head to Head record. 2. Least total runs allowed for the season).
  1. Any rain outs will attempted to be made up during mid-week practice times at APAR if teams are available.
  1. Team must field 7 players by end of 2nd inning or game is official forfeit. (Game will be played with players form opposing team in field, opposing players will not bat with team under manned)
  1. Fill in Player ( A Team can have one fill in player that is not on their roster under the following conditions)

-Team must have less than 9 players from the roster present during the entire game.

(If roster players show up bringing total to 9, Fill in player comes out of the game)

-Only one fill in player allowed per game.

-Fill in player must be YAC in house registered player

-Can be a travel player ONLY if one of your absent players is a travel player

-Opposing coach must be notified before the game begins

-Fill in player can bring the total players to 7 to avoid a forfeit

  1. Home team provides Umpire 2 new game balls at the start of a game.